As a result of the success of the Mogao Caves Visitor Center in Dunhuang, master planned by Wyatt Design Group, Inc. in 2006, the Dunhuang Research Academy and cultural consultants Silkroading, based in Beijing, have brought Wyatt Design Group back to the Silk Road Corridor to prepare another master plan that will revitalize nearby Guazhou City and Suoyang by creating additional visitor centers, accommodations, historic sites, cultural shows, meditation retreats, and other cultural tourism facilities.  Gansu Province is known as the “cradle of Chinese History” with more than 7,000 years of historic sites that contributed to the foundation of Chinese culture.  These additional cultural sites will provide much needed capacity for the increased demand of cultural tourism among Chinese domestic tourists as well as international tourists who have been drawn to the region and its many historic and cultural sites.

The sites to be incorporated include the Chinese Buddhist Grottoes at Yulin, known for its “Tibetan-Style murals,” Syouang Ruins, one of the best preserved ancient sites in China, and tombs with artifacts from Ta’er Monastery that have been recently discovered and not yet accessible to the public.

Wyatt Design Group worked in collaboration with Silkroading, Chinese and U.S. based consultants, as well as representatives of the Dunhuang Research Academy and Guangzhou County to develop the preliminary program and plan the means to unify these sites into a cohesive tourist destination like no other in the world.

Client: Silkroading (Beijing) Co. Ltd. on behalf of Guazhou County and Dunhuang Research Academy.