In 2009, Wyatt Design Group, Inc. was part of the strategic planning team of LEK Consulting, Cini-Little, and Hutchins Consulting who were retained by the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA) to evaluate all revenue-generating facilities within the Zoo and to locate a proposed new carousel in the most opportune position that would enhance circulation and revenue potential of the new attraction.

WDG’s role was that of master planning and conceptual design of not only the proposed Carousel Plaza, but physical and aesthetic improvements of all retail, food and beverage facilities in the Zoo that would result in improved visitor experience, comfort, capacity, and revenues. The end result was the conceptual design of the Conservation Carousel Plaza in the center of the Zoo, where the new attraction would begin to re-direct circulation to less-traveled pathways, and open up a previously little-used area of the Zoo that offered elevated vistas of major animal habitats. Proposed components of the new visitor area included retail, food and beverage, and interactive play elements that would complement the new attraction.

The analysis by LEK, Cini-Little, and Hutchins demonstrated that capital improvements to existing facilities, repositioning, and some new locations would significantly increase revenue-generation for the Zoo.