master planning and programming -

Today’s theme parks and entertainment attractions are more complex than ever, integrating food and beverage, retail, hospitality, corporate and private groups, VIP programs, sponsorship programs, and a host of revenue-producing activities that must be carefully accommodated. The guest, however, is focused on one thing: having a great experience in as much comfort as possible. We are adept at satisfying all these requirements of a well-designed entertainment project. Our approach to Master Planning integrates equal parts story, experience, operations, and economic feasibility. We work collaboratively with the client team, and bring to the team whatever specialty expertise may be necessary to adequately cover all the necessary bases. We establish attendance, capacity, and entertainment throughput requirements, then incorporate programming input from all disciplines to develop the master program. In a parallel effort, the thematic and story approach is developed. We then visualize the experience with all key attractions and transfer the program into a physical plan that embraces all the aspects necessary for a successful master plan.