Insight provided by WDG’s Melissa Meddock – Area Development and Planning

“Master Planning is a multi-faceted approach to the layout, design and management of public spaces.

Whether it’s a residential neighborhood, city center, retail district, hotel resort, or theme park, site design and creation all involve the concept of Place Making. Through numerous studies, Place Making has been shown to have a strong subconscious effect on the human mood and emotion. At Wyatt Design Group we work closely with the client to develop the story and concept as it is told through an overall visitor experience from arrival until departure. We strive to make that experience unique and authentic. Each and every guest should experience a wide variety of emotions unique to their visit and ideally leave the park more enlightened, as well as entertained, than when they arrived. We leverage this to our advantage and are able to support that story through physical planning.

With Wyatt Design Group’s extensive knowledge of theme park and entertainment design, we use a carefully calculated capacity analysis and economic study to develop a program based on the client’s aspirations. Using this information, I will plan a park ready for peak arrival day. One that satisfies general code requirements, coordinates with park operations, is sustainable with natural site elements, and that also tells a story through guest experience. All of these components are considered continuously and simultaneously throughout the master planning process.

Specializing in landscape design and area development, I also have the opportunity to take my designs to the next level by creating a specific thematic outdoor environment that complements the show set, architecture and theme through the use of planting and hardscape. There are a multitude of environmental factors that influence the area development design and are taken into consideration at an early stage to ensure that our proposals will be realistic and environmentally sustainable, including climate, grading, soils, traffic and population studies. We use these site analysis studies in all fields throughout our design process, from conception to completion.

As master planner, I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the early stages of designing a park and creating something that in a few months will have nearly ten more disciplines involved, from show production to graphic design and signage. As the team grows larger throughout this process the master plan is constantly being reviewed, analyzed, and modified as needed to meet critical technical, operational and facility requirements. This attention to detail is our primary focus and it requires constant attention and effort to create an enjoyable, memorable, and thought-provoking experience.”


Changyu Cultural Park - Wyatt Design Group Changyu Cultural Park - Wyatt Design Group


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