In an era of intense high tech roller coasters that test the limits of human endurance, it’s nice to see someone taking a different approach.  We think this is very cool.

Source:  January 23, 2014  Photos by Heike Mutter/Ulrich Genth.

If you’re afraid of thrill rides, then the German Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain roller coaster was made just for you. Why? It’s an absolutely tame, all-pedestrian “roller coaster.” The designers, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, created this pedestrian experience so that even those who fear amusement rides can enjoy the views from atop the 45 meters-high “coaster.” There are 249 steps in the Tiger & Turtle, though, so you might want to wear your walking shoes.

You can enjoy the coaster as long as you want (making “The Tiger & Turtle” an appropriate name). Watch out for slow walkers, though, because you could be on this giant walkway for quite a while.