This past week Wyatt Design Group’s Mark Spencer headed back to grade school to inspire a new generation of future theme park designers.  Corey Elementary School, in Buena Park, CA,  invited Mark to participate in the school’s annual Career Day.  “I had a blast,” enthused Mark, “This is my second year doing this and it is so much fun to see kids eyes light up when they think of the potential of designing theme parks as a profession.”  Mark taught the class the basics of how to read and understand a plan with a scale bar and north arrow, then provided the class with ride footprints and watched the kids turn their school into their very own theme park.  “It’s fantastic to see the amazing ideas the kids come up with. Career Day is a great reminder to me of how important the uninhibited creative process and child-like enthusiasm is to our profession.  I’ll be there next year for sure.”  Happy Summer everyone!

Wyatt Design Group Career Day Wyatt Design Group Career Day  Wyatt Design Group Career Day