Wuxi, Jiangsu, China — The former Xuelang Steel Mill site of over 6 km2 provides an ideal opportunity for adaptive reuse as a world-class film production facility for the Wuxi, a coastal city of Jiangsu, China. Nicknamed “Chinawood Studios”, the project is a careful integration of commercial film technology with a leisure destination that will create a “movie city” featuring an entertainment district, retail, dining and a multiple-screen cinema along with other cinema technology-based attractions. The 180,000 m2 film production studios will feature state of the art facilities, as well as the world’s largest sound stage. For this complex project, Wyatt Design Group* assembled a project planning and design team that included Gensler Associates, Economic Consulting Services, and Platform Group, Shanghai. Opened in June of 2012, by 2015 it is expected that more than 30 films will be released annually in Jiangsu utilizing these full-service global production facilities.

*Project performed as MSI Design in 2010.