Wyatt Design Group, Inc. developed the concept of a 9,700m2 Experience Center for the Al Wedyan Project for client Al Akaria. The Al Wedyan Experience Center is intended to introduce the coming development to visitors before and during construction as well as aid in the property investment and purchasing process for commercial and residential real estate, places of entertainment, and retail. The Al Wedyan Experience Center will use the latest RFID and projection technology to walk investors and buyers through an immersive experience that focus’ on Saudi Arabia’s 2030 initiative and uses these technologies to display catered media to the investor, investment group, or commercial retailer’s specific needs. Each RFID tag is connected to the guest’s profile and tracks the guest’s movement through the experience, adding applicable data to their profile.

The Al Wedyan Experience Center will be home to a 180 wrap around screen; a motion base, 50-seat 4D theater space – featuring a show that fly’s guests through the complete development; a full scale, 1:500-meter scale interactive model of the final development – complete with overhead projection mapping to bring the area to life. The complex is also equipped with an 8 seat VR room; where clients can experience a virtual model of the development in real time; meeting and presentation rooms; each with interactive displays, and closing rooms for buyers and investors.


Client: Saudi Real Estate Company – Al Akaria

Facility Planning, Programming, and Concept Design: Wyatt Design Group

Architectural Design and Illustrations: Hetzel Design

Media and Interactive Technology Design: Edwards Technologies

Content Narrative: Miziker Entertainment