Just coming out of stealth mode – Wyatt Design Group has been super busy.  As always, we can’t talk about many of our projects but we can hint at a few …

  • The Wyatt Team has been all over the world as we are in the early planning stages of theme park destinations in China and Korea, and slated to proceed with final design on two projects in the Middle East.
  • We’ve had the honor this past year of working with art and entertainment company Meow Wolf, on their new Denver and Las Vegas  installations, providing planning, technology, and operations consulting in collaboration with Fox and Crow and Management Resources/Pro Fun.
  • What we feel is a new trend, WDG designed an indoor/outdoor adventure park for a four-season resort in the U.S. who previously was only active in the winter months and will now be a year-round destination.  Announcements coming soon.
  • We’ve also been consulting with Cedar Fair Corporate on long range development planning for three of their theme park properties.

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